Floral gorgeousness for all those moments that give life meaning.

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Welcome to Lush Blooms Bespoke Floristry, we’re so glad you found us!

We’re all about experimentation here; from mixing clashing colours to our signature dyed blooms, we’ll give anything a go! Colour is key and we’re very informal. Just ask Winston, our quality control officer (he might answer if a tasty treat crosses his paw 😄)

Flower crowns and workshops are a particular fave here at Lush Blooms HQ; weddings also make us melt and we love a good old hand tied bouquet.

• Subscriptions- from £25

• Hand Tied Bouquets - from £30

• Tributes - from £35

• Bespoke Arrangements - from £30

• Flower Crowns - from £30

•Workshops - on request

•Weddings - on request

•Moongate Hire - coming soon!


About Lush Blooms Bespoke Floristry

How We Got Here

The way we’ve learned is really reflective in our style, as we’ve had no boundaries of traditional teachings. We’ve come to realise that floristry is very subjective, just like art. We’re from a family of keen gardeners and nature lovers, who have a wealth of knowledge and believe that flowers have feelings.

Having worked in finance for over 7 years and gone through a bit of a life event, it made me re-evaluate my purpose. It was on my mind for months. Those months led up to Christmas, where my sister requested a real wreath for her door. Word got out and I decided to take the plunge, open up shop and get in with a local wholesaler. Over 50 wreaths later and we didn’t look back.

Creativity is our foundation here at Lush Blooms HQ. As a self taught knitter, painter and baker, there are so many hobbies I’ve developed over the years. They would help to balance out the high frequency brainwork needed in finance. Floristry is the one I became truly obsessed with and has been in the background of my life ever since I can remember; from rescuing reduced flowers, to countless workshops, floristry school and then gaining qualifications.

Head down and working hard on what felt like Christmas wreath number 1052 I realised - my purpose was to give life meaning. To create meaningful moments for others and I wanted to do it through my blooms. The way people feel when they give and receive flowers. That moment where a bride sees her bouquet for the first time. When you teach a group of babes how to make a flower crown and they feel badass. That’s for me.

But we always want more. Those arrangements that make your mouth water. Pops of colour from zingy fruit salad to sweet pastel macaroons. We’re continuously pushing to get bigger colours, use seasonal flowers and put them together in a way that looks so sublime that you fall in love with what we produce. We want you to have the most gorgeous blooms imaginable, for all those moments that give life meaning.


Let's Talk...

Got a burning question or want to know more? Get in touch! We'd love to hear from you :)




Cardiff, UK

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