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Pricing & Profit - A Virtual Workshop for Florists

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*This is a pre-recorded Zoom session* Pricing and profit are absolutely essential in making sure your floristry business will thrive, grow and give you a good life, not just make enough to pay the bills. Pricing is a really elusive subject in floristry because there’s so much wiggle room and so many different ways to work out your pricing. But what if I told you I’ve come up with a foolproof formula (thanks to my background in finance) that ensured you’re charging the right amount for your weddings, workshops and bouquets AND your business will make a growing profit each and every single month?! This formula is super simple - no BS, nothing complicated. I’ve been using it for the past 2 years and not only has my net profit grown year on year by over £10k, I make more money than I ever did in my finance job. Join me for this zoom session where I’ll take you through my pricing formula, as well as answering any queries about handling your own accounts, expenses, net profit and business growth. My life is a dream I never thought possible, and I want that for you too. And it’s all thanks to my business.

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