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1:1 Power Hour

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Get 2 hours for the price of 1 when you purchase before the end of January! Invest in yourself and your business with one of my 1:1 sessions. They last 60 minutes and take place over Zoom. I’ll get you fired up to make progress wether you want to take the plunge and launch your wedding business, need help and support to up-level or catapult into something new. You’ll be sent a short questionnaire to complete so we can dive straight into it once your hour starts. So if you want: - More wedding bookings - Ways to branch out into other areas of business - Help to setup other revenue streams - Methods to effectively market your business and increase sales - Feedback on your business or help with how to get started - An audit of your business as a whole including branding, socials, website and Marketing Strategy Leanne recently took up this 1:1 package and she says: ‘ I’d been looking for a coach or consultant to help me along in my small business journey for literally years. I'd even reached out to a few but the connection just wasn't there. After following Lush Blooms for some time, one of Anita's posts just spoke to me - she was so honest about her journey and so I booked in a 121. From our first conversation she just got me. She understood the brand, the creative direction and was clear about where I could improve. Her feedback made me realise I am on the right track and has hugely improved my self confidence. I think the difference in Anita to other coaches is that her work speaks for itself, she doesn't just talk the talk - there's a clear goal of where I could get to as her work is proof that her process does work. She's put in the work and made it happen and I'm excited to continue to work with her in future!’ So what qualifies me to give you advice? Well, in the last 3 years I've built a 6 figure business that supports my wildesst dreams. I work as much or as little I want, whilst still making more money than ever before. My wedd

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