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Mar 3, 2024 - Mar 3, 2024

How I Grew A 6 Figure Business - FREE WEBINAR!

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A lot of you will know my story by now. I worked in finance for over 10 years, as a Broker. It was wild. We used to have cash thrown at us left, right and centre. So when my Nan passed away after a year of battling cancer, I just couldn't see life in the same way again. It gave me so much clarity that finance was NOT what I was put on earth to do. So I left. And I remember distinctly thinking 'that's it now, I'll never make such good money again.' Thank GOD I recognised early on that's what is called a Limiting Belief. Because within just 2 years of becoming a full time florist, my business hit 6 figures. And I want to tell you the exact steps I took to get there - so you can see its perfectly possible for you too. So join me on Sunday 3rd of March at 8pm, where I'll tell you all about it in this FREE zoom session. Can't join us live? Register anyway, so you can be sent the recording to playback. See you there!

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